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Censorship is for the weak.
Published on May 25, 2005 By bigrickstallion In Blogging
This entry is in response to the hypocritical stance of an "article" by Mason M perfectly summarised by the following icons +

He lamants the downward spirallingly of standards in this forum while conveniently ignoring the fact that a good many of those miscreants he speaks of have blogs featured in the top 10. His opinion therefore is obviously in the minority as it would seem thats precisely the type of behaviour which is rewarded in this forum. Not only that but as popular blogs those top 10 also set much of the standard and tone of this forum.

Whats notable about his article is that for all his concern about the lowering of standards through namecalling he then goes on to call those same people: pathetic, miscreants, spiteful, childish, immature, absurd, petty and socophantic. This is just another classic case of hypocrisy which completely invalidates his entire article.

His "article" is a call for censorship. A tactic he later employs when i put both him and his pal Dr Guy in their place and he couldn't handle it. I have used article in quotes because his is really no article at all but just a quick, sniping, childish reaction something akin to throwing all your toys on the ground and sulking off to your room. This is not too suggest that every post on this forum need be an "article" but rather to remind us that his isn't. What kind of individual quits an environment in which he has total control over his own space simply because he is unable to control all the other "spaces" which surround him.

Well MasonM it would seem is that kind of power hungry, self righteous individual. His concern is one of death by association. Can you imagine how weak you would have to be whereby the views held by others in a space very clearly delimited from yours, were a direct threat to your sense of self. Imagine a world where you couldn't stand next to a homosexual lest you be considered gay. Couldn't stand next to a black man lest you be considered non white.

Its a degree of weakness that i for one cannot fathom.

He could chosen to look into the reasons why these communication patterns occur and maybe made an insightful comment about the differences between the left and the right or maybe even the cultural differences in how people express their points of view. He could have examined communication breakdown into reductionist arguments as can happen when frustrated, opposing parties are unable to adequately communicate the benefits of thinking "just like them".

But he didn't. Instead he choose to sulk and quit.

Well i for one say let him quit. What i dont understand is why he didn;t just do it rather than talk about it. Unless of course he's not going to quit at all. It might be just a cry for help. Someone give that man some love and reasssurance that that everything is going to be ok.

He needs it.

As i said at the time, the title of his 'article" should really be MasonMs' own personal mantra. If he just keeps repeating it to himself over and over again....and maybe he will.... grow up and get a life that is.

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