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Its Not Astronomy! Its Adventure!
Published on August 7, 2005 By bigrickstallion In Astronomy
One of the things i do like about America is NASA.

Its a remarkable institution that has achieved many incredible feats which largely go without the acknowledgement they deserve. My time tomorrow a bunch of their best and brightest are set to return to the loving arms of their friends and families. With the typically sensationalist press and all the new cameras and views that have been available on this flight, one could be forgiven for thinking they are in some grave peril for doing so.

Its difficult to ascertain the validity of this. I like to think and hope that all the problems overcome on this flight have simply been the result of a new found awareness due to the increased systems monitoring. I like to think it was always like this but they just didn't know it. I hope that's the case i would like to wish them all Godspeed for tomorrows reentry and trust everything will turn out just fine.

To date its been a remarkablly successful mission. Im sure the entire International Space Community would have breathed a collective sign of relief, when the Americans finally got back into orbit after their long haitus due to their previous miserable tradegy.

As rapid as the pace has been I doubt i will ever get the chance to experience weightlessness. Ive tried starving myself for days on end and then hanging myself from the ceiling but something tells me, its just not the same. However the fact that future generations will very soon get such an out-of-this-world oppourtunity is due entirely to the efforts of todays pioneers. Their seemlingly infinite levels of motiviation to do what must at times be the most tedious and painstaking of jobs makes it all the more fantastic.

Its a sad reality check that we are all so blaise about the efforts made by these pioneers. I would expect 75% of the people in the common street wouldn't even know a mission was in progress if it weren't for Bush saying "Get Back to Work". I often wonder if half the problem with this world doesn't simply boil down to the constant search by large sections of the population for a "quick fix". Personality driven relations rather than character based relations. Whats easy instead of whats right. Research, forethought and collaboration being the enemy rather than been seen as the great enabler and the saving grace.

Despite some mistakes and some occasional shortcutting, Nasa's culture and spirit generally runs contrary to contemporary Western cultures rejection of principals in favour of techniques. The sheer depth of their committment is something i cant help but deeply respect.

You just dont hit speeding comets with speeding probes millions of kilometers out into space if you haven't done your homework. The high levels of disipline, professionalism and cooperation required to achieve these kinds of feats is second to none and is highly inspirational to anyone with any kind of ambition, goal or dream.

So good luck to them all and best wishes for tomorrows journey home.

on Aug 07, 2005