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October 30, 2005 by bigrickstallion
Ensconced in a total "golly-gosh-am-i-bored-and-really-sick-of-people-at-the-moment-so-theres-no-point-in-calling-anyone-for-a-whats-up" session, i decided to download and try my hand at Sudoku (

The seed had been planted a couple of nights before by some local news coverage. Apparently "everyone was playing it", which is simply not true. As far as i can tell no-one plays it. Except for the terminally bored that is.

Suduko is a numbers based crossword puzzle and requires that ...
August 5, 2005 by bigrickstallion
It's apparent that a great many of the regulars in this forum are either suffering from some form of internet addiction and/or possible some variant of a skitophrenic personality disorder.

While to many of you this virtual space might well be the life and soul of your existence to many more of us this is just a blogging forum. A blogging forum which we can take or leave. The mere fact that you obviosuly have so much invested in your online persona means nothing to me and lends no additional ...