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November 4, 2005 by bigrickstallion
"Below is my response to the drivel found in Gideon McCensors lastest bunch of arse. "

Your article is little more than transaparent and slap dash attempt at spin. All you've done is illuminate a handful of unrelated statistics and attempt to pass it off as cogent pro-war rebuttal.

while the death of EVERY soldier matters, it must be placed in context.

Yes it should and the context is Iraq and Global Politik circa 2005. The sheer desperation of including American Civil War statistics i...
November 2, 2005 by bigrickstallion
Ive yet to look into it but i have to wonder if the 2nd 1000 deaths occured at a greater or lesser rate than the 1st 1000. And whether this next 1000 will fall at a rate that is greater than the 1st 2000/2 again.

Bearing in mind of course that figure for all eternity could have been nil if Bush didn't order the invasion and occupation at all.

Now how many Iraqi dead? Ive thought it was up around 100,000 but most reports suggest more like 30-35, 000..... seems like we're instituting framew...